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  1. The Developer
  2. The Component Developer
  3. The Application Developer
  4. The Customer
  5. The Platform Operator
  6. The Flex Developer
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Who uses JCSS

The Developer

Yeah, another cool framework that saves me lot of time and code, provides best practise, is always up to date and easy to use. Top 111einself!

The Component Developer

I create nifty components that others can incorporate into their projects. With JCSS my components can be easily and intuitively customized using styles and CSS style sheets.

The Application Developer

I am engineering huge applications with flexible user interfaces. JCSS enables me to create reusable and independent interface elements that I later wire together in one central point using the power of contextual and stateful style rules.

The Customer

I often change my requirements even to applications that are actually finished. Ecpecially when it comes to the interface design. I very appreciate it, if the developer hands me over a CSS file that I can adjust according to my daily mood.

The Platform Operator

JCSS is an excellent and simple way to enable my users to align the tools of my platform to their specific corporate design.

The Flex Developer

There is actually nothing beyond Flex. However, our styling capabilities are indeed relatively poor and cumbersome. JCSS gives me the possibility to create my Flex applications the standard way and later apply a proper style handling and external style sheets.

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