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Page | Published: 19. November 2010 | Changed: 28. September 2013 | 4 Comments
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The Jakute Styling Engine (JCSS) is a CSS framework for Flash. JCSS enables us to easily create rich styleable applications and components without the demand to implement any aspect of the style handling (CSS parsing, component initialization, display list monitoring, runtime component updates) on our own. See a brief description of the Jakute features.


Select an item in one of the lists. Click the checkbox in the top left corner of each box to activate.

Quick links


  • External styles sheets
  • Global and component styles
  • Runtime style updates
  • Contextual styles (A B C)
  • ID and class selectors (A#top B.big C#bottom.small)
  • States (A:active B:over C:selected)
  • Plug-and-play architecture, no source changes required
  • High-performance
  • Open-source licence MIT

See a more detailed description of the Jakute features.

Say Thank You!

The open source products in this repository are best quality. I spend hours, days and weeks to maintain a software that saves you time and effort. It’s your turn to give something back. Feel free to donate using flattr or PayPal. If you can’t do for any reason, no worries, I am always happy to get feedback, reviews or recommendations. Please help keeping this project running!


  1. Jakute Flash styling engine - Flashforum

    12. Januar 2011

    [...] [...]

  2. Martin

    18. Mai 2011

    Is Jakute Styling Engine also intended to use with AS3 DataProvider Controls?
    Thanks for the great resources.

  3. Jens Struwe

    18. Mai 2011

    Hi Martin, I am about to refactor the controls to use this styling framework.

  4. Martin

    18. Mai 2011

    sounds good.

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