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Categories: LifeCycle (3)

Autoresize button

Advanced autoresize button created with LifeCycle. If you set width to zero, the button will align to the label’s width. If you set height to zero, the button aligns to the label’s height. The important classes are Button, Label and ButtonSkin. They all extend the base class Component which implements a basic size handling. Component uses the ready-made LifeCycleView class to provide the life cycle features to its sub classes.

Category: LifeCycle

Autoresize horizontal box

The HBox is updated whenever an item has been added or removed, when the padding changes or the item’s size. The item does not need to implement LifeCycle. The box listens to the item’s resize event. If your children do not have an event the box can listen to (the usual case, since we do not make assumptions on the children of a generic container), you could trigger the public refresh method.

Category: LifeCycle

Autoresize panel

The Panel has a default size of 20×20 and listens to size changes of its single child. The example shows three nested panels. You may set the size of the deepest nested panel. If set to zero, width and height will be reset to 20 by the panel.

Category: LifeCycle

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