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The AS3Commons Collections project is the most serious ActionScript collections resource in the web – providing both a sophisticated collections framework as well as a library of fast collection implementations.

Latest changes: What’s new in version 1.3.0
Read the Documentation for more details.
See the UML Diagrams for a quick API overview.


  • ArrayList, SortedList
  • Set, LinkedSet, SortedSet
  • Map, LinkedMap, SortedMap
  • Treap, LinkedList


  • FilterIterator
  • RecursiveIterator
  • RecursiveFilterIterator


  • Maps, Sets, Lists
  • MapBuilder, SetBuilder


  • Well thought architecture
  • Small and intuitive interfaces
  • Ready-for-use collection implementations (lists, sets, maps, trees)
  • Bindable collections
  • Designed for extensibility
  • Entirely unit tested and documented
  • High-performance
  • Open source licence Apache License, Version 2.0


Say Thank You!

The open source products in this repository are best quality. I spend hours, days and weeks to maintain a software that saves you time and effort. It’s your turn to give something back. Feel free to donate using flattr or PayPal. If you can’t do for any reason, no worries, I am always happy to get feedback, reviews or recommendations. Please help keeping this project running!


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  5. Surendra Gurjar

    18. Oktober 2012

    Thanks for describing colletions in as3.

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