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What’s new in A3Commons Collections 1.3.0

The release 1.3.0 of the collections framework contains several utilities and convenience methods. There are four new util classes and four new builder classes. Checkout the Git commit log for a detailed list of changes. The APIDoc is updated as well. Get: Follow: Read: Test: New features The main features added are: Copy items from [...]

AS3Commons Collections now on GitHub

I just have setup a GitHub repository for the AS3Commons Collections project. As of now you may fork, clone and download the sources there. The former SVN branch is still existant and updated from time to time in order keep the AS3Commons Maven repository up to date. Nevertheless, the most recent version of this project [...]

Collections framework performance comparison

In I have shown how custom collections handle specific programmig problems more efficiently than the built-in data containers Array and Dictionary. I have named a number of common collections which are part of almost every collections library. In this post I am going to compare the performance of such collections from 3 different libraries.

Array, Dictionary, Collections – Performance, Functionality, Reliability

This post is the continuation of the basic knowledge article and introduces you to the benefits of collections more from a technical perspective.

Why we need a collection framework in ActionScript

In this post, I will introduce you to the meanings of data collections and the different possiblities to collect data we have in ActionScript. Building on that, I am going to point out the most general requirements to a collection framework before I give a survey to existing solutions.