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Page | Published: 23. März 2009 | Changed: 25. Februar 2011
  1. Russischer Bär
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Russischer Bär

Russischer Bär is a repository of professional open source ActionScript/Flash software products I am developing especially for my own use and I am about to share here.

The Projects

The frameworks and libraries in this repository solve common problems in ActionScript application development in a sophisticated manner. Each project is based on a thorough analysis of the specific problem with the needs of the Flash platform in mind. The projects are therefore not copies or migrations of similiar approaches out there. Instead, they incorporate a unique mix of reasonable conventions, efficient interfaces, extensive customisation possibilities and best practice software development.

About Me


My name is Jens Struwe. I am a German free software developer, specializing in application development for the Flash platform. For more information on me and my work, please refer to my homepage:


Jens Struwe
Louisenstraße 60
D-01099 Dresden
Skype: kakenbok

Thanks To

Say Thank You!

The open source products in this repository are best quality. I spend hours, days and weeks to maintain a software that saves you time and effort. It’s your turn to give something back. Feel free to donate using flattr or PayPal. If you can’t do for any reason, no worries, I am always happy to get feedback, reviews or recommendations. Please help keeping this project running!

Leave a Comment

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