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Russischer Bär

The Russian approach is a good idea also for software engineering. Solutions will be simple here, and we still get valid results of a great usability.

A bear is a pretty good actor in general, so it's quite worthy to have it included in a label name.

Work Story

I am developing the web since 1998 when I started building web pages with HTML. Soon I came to server programming techniques using Perl and later the upcoming PHP. For the past 5 years I have mainly created flash applications based on ActionScript and more recently on Flex.

Besides my knowledge of programming platforms, I am familiar with bigger teams, huge projects and also distributed work. This enables me to confidently utilize collaboration concepts such as version control, software modelling, testing approaches or agile development methods.


  • Flash, ActionScript, Flex, Air, Blaze DS, AMF
  • PHP, CakePHP, Zend Framework
  • Ruby on Rails
  • OOP, UML, FMC, JavaDoc
  • Agile development, Scrum, Task and Project management
  • Ant, Subversion, Unit tests, Selenium


Open Source Flash

ActionScript framework developments during my parental leave in 2009 and 2010:
  • AS3Commons Collections Framework
  • AS3Commons UI - Interface related algorithms and tools
  • Jakute Styling Engine - CSS framework for Flash
  • AS DataProvider Controls - Set of nifty components

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Fang den Koala

Cycling tour from New Zealand to Berlin. Accompanied by a blog site (German).

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Spreadshirt is a mass customization platform mainly about t-shirts designs. Spreadshirt claims to become one of the worlds top web companies within the next years.

The work

I joined the Spreadshirt founders in the very beginning of the success story. I initially have developed huge parts of the platform itself before I invented and later maintained the Spreadshirt's Shirt designer ConfOmat which is one of the best known Flash tools in the web.

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Started at the end of 2008, saftfabrik provides all thirsty people with freshly made juice that can be mixed and purchased via internet.

The work

Right to the startup release I have donated a small bottle visualisation in flash.

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Philipps Tourguide


Philipp Heinrich and his father measure touristic areas with GPS and produce custom touring maps in high quality.

The work

Additionally to the printed map version I have developed an interactive virtual map based on ActionScript/Flash that can be easily integrated in web sites of the map's sponsor. Of course, all properties of that map are externally configurable.

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IN Bau GmbH


IN Bau is a construction and building company settled in Hannover and Munich.

The work

The project has been realized in cooperation with Andreas Brüggemann, who held the customer contact. We could win the talented Medienfreunde for the web design. My part was to set up the CMS system Typo3 and make it ready to dynamically process the company's project data base.

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The Berlin Wall


Client is the Federal Land Berlin which requested an online information portal about the Berlin Wall.

The work

Core element of that portal is an interactive map application where visitors can virtually explore the geography of the Berlin Wall.
I have created that map with ActionScript/Flash. Main challenge has been to make a huge vector based map graphic navigable. I have decided to convert the map into a pixel format and slice it then afterwards for different magnifications. The design is made by D17 agency.

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ELP 2010


The Emscher Landschaftspark is a regional park development project in the northern Ruhr Area that consists of more than 400 individual projects integrating numerous cities and rural districts. The umbrella project has been supported by the Project Ruhr GmbH.

The work

To make the project information available over the internet, a project data base was ordered by the Project Ruhr and as an extension an offline DVD version.
We fulfilled the request in a cooperation of Andreas Brüggemann, who held the client contact and concept responsibility, Jennifer Krist who made the final design and Thomas Förster who implemented the data base interface.
I was doing here the concept work, the definition of the requirements and programming an - you already guess - interactive project map with ActionScript/Flash. This map is not available any more as the Project Ruhr does not exist any more and they apparently got problems to migrate all of the data base to the new responder Regionalverband Ruhr.

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Life Story

I was born in 1975 in the former GDR, grew up in Halberstadt, resided later in Magdeburg, Halle and Berlin before I moved to beautiful Dresden one year ago. Now I am still living there with my family.

About 10 years ago I actually studied teacher for mathematics and philosophy and not computer science. It means, I am an autodidact in software developement.

When not inventing hot software, you could catch me somewhere in the world riding my bicycle. Besides this transport preference, I am a great fan of sustainable living what requires conscious decisions about food, energy supply, clothings, political engagement and so on. So please don't ask if your are serving an evil multinational company ;-)



Anything more you would like to know? Getting in touch with me? Don't hesitate! Just trigger me in Skype or send me an email.


Russischer Bär Software
Jens Struwe
Louisenstraße 60

D-01099 Dresden


Internet: http://www.sibirjak.com/
Mobile: +49 176 20443128
Mail: jens@struwe.net
Skype: kakenbok

Russischer Bär Software, Jens Struwe, Dresden, Germany
http://www.sibirjak.com/ jens@struwe.net

Russischer Bär Software

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